Here's a look into how I can help your business grow. 


As an English teacher, I always asked my students who their audience was. 

“Ummm everybody?” they’d respond. 

“Okay, sure. Everybody. But would your Grandma be interested in reading your persuasive essay about why Halo 5 is a more challenging game than Call of Duty? Would your older brother sit down with a highlighter to read a “how to” piece on shopping for the perfect prom dress? Would I ask a room full of 4th graders to annotate a New York Times article about the effects of global warming on the Persian Gulf?”

“Hmm…nah, they probably wouldn’t” was their typical response. 


Defining your brand’s audience is critical to your approach and success. Why? Because knowing your consumers, what they like and what makes them tick, allows you to pinpoint and deliver a brand message tailored to their specific needs and desires. And who doesn’t look smoking hot in a perfectly tailored suit? Am I right?   

See, when you seek to reach “everybody,” you lose what makes you and your target audience unique. So who are YOU anyway? 


Set yourself apart from the rest.  The great word physician Dr. Seuss said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Amen, Dr. Seuss! Sure, there may be other businesses out there that sell a similar product or seek to raise awareness for the same cause. Heck, there may be 20. The great news, however, is that yours is different. So what exactly makes your brand stand out? What makes your product better? What do you offer that others cannot? 

Voice establishes a personality for your brand that attracts the very people you set out to persuade. So tell them who you are. And for crying out loud, BE YOURSELF.


Starbucks is not the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, but what keeps Starbucks pouring the brew and filling the register year after year is consistency. Whether you’re in New York City or Singapore, your precious pumpkin spice latte will taste just like the one you sipped last week while paddling the French Riviera (You sure do get around, don’t you?). 

Your brand voice must also maintain consistency. If your company has a quirky, playful logo and tagline, then your collateral must be an extension of that personality: print ads, videos, newsletters, sales flyers, social media outlets, etc. work best when unified in voice. 

Finally, stay relevant. Your audience may be teenagers today, but in 10 years, they will be adults establishing their careers, starting families, and paying mortgages. Will these adults still be on your radar, or will you continue to speak to the teenage demographic regardless of the decade?

Either way, you will need to adapt your approach, being ever mindful of your evolving audience. 


Brand Name Generation

Brand Tagline Generation

Generate & Develop Brand Voice, Content, & Messaging

Marketing and Advertising Brainstorming/Strategies

Write, Proofread, and Edit
Copy for all collateral,
including, but not limited to: 

  • Social Media Content
    (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Blog Content
  • Website Copy
  • Video Scripts
  • Brochures
  • Sales Collateral
  • Internal + Client Presentations
  • Sales and Marketing Pieces
  • Packaging

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Let’s talk. I’ll get a quick sense of who you are and what your company or organization does. Next, I will fully immerse myself in your brand, including but not limited to further research, product use (if applicable), asking clarifying questions as needed, gaining awareness of all competitors and their approach, and determining the target audience. Once I’ve acquired all the necessary background knowledge, I will begin to translate all that priceless information into highly effective and dynamic copy that meets and exceeds your brand’s specific and unique needs. 

You worked hard to create this brand, now let’s give it a voice! 


  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Gain Awareness of Competitors
  • Determine Target Audience
  • Creative Adaptation and Innovation
  • Maintain Tone and Voice Consistency Across Collateral