Fellow ACTORS, PRODUCERS, DIRECTORS, DPs, KEY GRIPS, and CRAFTIES (and everyone else I love and adore):

Welcome! I have always lamented the fact that I would only be able to DO so much and BE so much with this one life I've been given. In my anxiety, I explored many paths—fresh out of college, I wrote obits for the local newspaper. When that died, I led donkeys on a mule barge...I was a bookseller, a production assistant, a waitress, a high school English teacher, and now a copywriter. But then I discovered acting, and the horizon line beamed.

I've been a nurse, a mother, a psych ward patient, a real estate agent...I've lived in the 1930s and escaped a lobotomy. I've lived in Oklahoma and New Orleans and Venice, Italy. I've spent longer than one should zipped tightly in a suitcase. With each new role, I dive deeper into this one life I've been given and explore humanity with a trained and sensitive lens, always learning, always reaching for that next tap. 

A sampling of my portfolio is below. Let's get working. 

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Norah Levine Photography

Norah Levine Photography


"Riley’s Catherine is shaky and medicated and browbeaten and somehow every bit as strong as Violet." - Stage Magazine, 2017

"Caitlin Riley suffuses her character with a stunning array of nervous gaits, twitches and changes in facial expression. You truly believe how hard it is for Catharine to speak truth to power." - Chestnut Hill Local, 2017