W H A T ’ S N E W ?

New Representation, who dis?
NYC’s TAKE 3 TALENT AGENCY has signed me to their Film/Television division.
Contact: Natasha Matallana @ 646.289.3915

J U S T W R A P P E D :

LUNAR MARIA, a short MFA film from writer/director Marygrace Navarra, shooting July 2019.

HERO, a short film by Tom Quigley—

U P N E X T :  

GROOVES, a feature film from writer/director Scott Silvester will begin production in 2020.

THE DAY AFTER NEW YEAR’S — a short film by 202 Creative

Sub/Urban Photography


"Caitlin Riley’s Karen is focused and mindful, though also at the point of breaking. Like a reed in the wind, Karen is one that you hope may bow, but not break." 

- New Hope Free Press, 2018

"Caitlin Riley practically dares you to stare at her and it is a challenge not to be refused. Riley is vibrant, from her dress to her lyrical and forthright delivery." 

- B Sharp Studio 6, 2018


"Caitlin Riley gracefully grants a glimpse into Annabella’s life, her persistence and her pain beyond the sunny wit and charm, with panache and vitality." 

- Delco Culture Vultures, 2018

"Riley’s Catherine is shaky and medicated and browbeaten and somehow every bit as strong as Violet." 

- Stage Magazine, 2017


"Caitlin Riley suffuses her character with a stunning array of nervous gaits, twitches and changes in facial expression. You truly believe how hard it is for Catharine to speak truth to power."

Chestnut Hill Local, 2017





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